Name of the responsible structure: asbl Vooruit
Type of structure : non for profit organization
Profile of the initiators of the project : asbl Vooruit
Continent : Europe
Country : Belgium
Address: Kunstencentrum Vooruit
St - Pietersnieuwstraat 23 - 9000 Gand
Tel: + 32 9 267 28 20
Fax : + 32 9 267 28 30
Mail : info@vooruit.be
Website : www.vooruit.be
Contact : Luc Dewaele, artistic coordinator


In 1982, Gent citizens attended to the re-opening of the village hall of the Vooruit association, who viewed to refurbish the building (known as monument in 1983), and to develop a new concept serving Arts and artists.
The former popular house was transformed all through a 15 year period, into an international contemporary art center and a firm including 80 employees organizing more than 2000 events and activities every year. The artistic program is essentially based on performing arts: theatre, dance and contemporary music.

Former use : popular village hall dating from 1912
Total surface of the site : 10.000 m2
Localization: city center of Gent
Foundation year of the centre : 1982
Type of occupation: location
Owner of the building : CV Vooruit

Infrastructures / Facilities

- Theatre hall: 250 m2 (700 seats)

- Concert hall: 250 m2 (1200 places)

- Multifunctional space (Dôme room): used for theatrical, musical and intimist or unknown choreographical productions. This space is also used for companies in residence.

- Multifunctional space (Dance hall): used for jazz, folkloric music, techno/ hip-hop, cinema, literature, theatre. It can also be used for tourism seminaries, buffets, all kind of meetings.

- 5 rehearsal studios

- 1 big Café

Social and artistic disciplines

- Programming: theatre, dance, contemporary music, visual arts occasionally.

- Activities: performances, festivals, residencies, exhibitions, rehearsals, concerts...

Other structures/organizations resident on the site

companies in residency: Les ballests C of the B& DAStheatre

Financial support

Grants from the Flemish Government , Gent City and the Oriental Flanders Province.


Aerowaves, Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes....

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