Name of the responsible structure : THE WAREHOUSE CULTURAL CENTRE
Profile of the initiators of the project : artistic company
Type of structure : Company, run by Masika Ltd., Blantyre Malawi
Continent : Africa
Country : Malawi
Address/tel/fax : THE WAREHOUSE, c/o Masika Ltd., Private Bag 165, Blantyre, Malawi
Tel: 00265/8/203.622 (Thomas Chibambo) & 00265/8/203.611 (Claudia Sontheim)
Website :
Contact : Thomas Chibambo ; Claudia Sontheim


The Warehouse Cultural Centre opened its doors to the public in late November 2004. The Warehouse focuses on the development and promotion of Malawian culture in its existing forms, first and foremost music, performing arts (dance and drama) written and oral literature. In addition to this, The Warehouse, in conjunction with the international NGO mapA (medienausbildungsprojekt Afrika e.V. / media training project Africa) plans to intiate programs to promote less developed forms of visual arts such as film and fotography.

Former use : Warehouse for Malawian Railways, later East Central African Railways.
Total surface of the site :
Architect of the rehabilitation : Local, in conjunction with private investors
Renovation costs of the building :
Euro 25,000.- (renovation of building / new construction of bar and bar area)
Location :
City of Blantyre
Foundation year of the centre :
Type of occupation :
Owner of the building :
Malawian Government

Infrastructures / Facilities

Bar (70m2, capacity 100)
Bar/grill and stage area for outdoor performances (350m2, capacity 550)
indoor performance/concert hall (300m2, seating capacity 450)

Social and artistic disciplines

Traditional and contemporary music - Concerts, Festivals, Workshops
Traditional and contemporary dance Performances, Festivals, Workshops
Traditional and contemporary drama Performances, Festivals, Workshops
Written and oral literature Performances, Festivals
Film and photography Festivals, Exhibitions

Other structures/organisations resident on the site

- The Canoe Ice Cream Den and Restaurant
- Theatre Company « Nanzikambe »
- Film Production Company « Masika Ltd. »

Financial support

- Private investment
- Project funding for certain projects
- Looking for more project and core funding!

Modified on Friday 9 February 2007