Type of structure : non for profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project: artists collective
Continent : Asia
Country : Malaysia
Address/tel/fax : Persatuan Seni Rumah Air Panas Kuala Lumpur, 0074, Jalan J1, Fasa 6, Taman Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur
Email :
Website :
Contact : Yap Sau Bin (Founding member), Chuah Chong Yong, Lim Kok Yoong


Short history of the organisation

Established in 1997, R.A.P. is an independent art space run by art enthusiasts. It is both an artist studio and also a venue, which has featured numerous exhibitions, artist slides presentation and dialogue sessions.
Aims: to explore and coalesce visual arts and other cultural practices through collaboration in exhibition and project; documentation and exchange of ideas in discussion.

The members of R.A.P. support an independent, aware and concerted artistic practice in engaging the artistic community and the art public.

In July 2003, the artist collective was finally formed. Since then, R.A.P. has organized more than 20 art and cultural dialogue/talks, 9 exhibitions, and projects in collaboration with other groups.

R.A.P. has officially gained it society status on 17th August 2006 and it is currently known as R.A.P. Art Society.

Type of building :
Approx 2000 square feet single storey house in a chinese dominated suburb in KL. The surroundings are house turned into factories. R.A.P. has parted its premises in February 2006.

Social and artistic disciplines :

The space R.A.P. formerly used were sublet to artists and there was a constant flow of artists coming in and out of the studios and this had kept the place vibrant and exciting, whereby artists of different background and practices intermingled and grew together. Not only that, the surrounding non-art community was also benefited by being invited to witness the show or performance/ gig R.A.P. organized.

Occasionally, R.A.P. members also went in to the local market to sell artworks to raise fund for projects. In 2005 RAP has started an outreach project inviting artist to give art talks and coordinating art tour for secondary students from the Kuala Lumpur Klang Valley region, which is not far from R.A.P. space.

Even while R.A.P. is space-less after it parted its premises, R.A.P. still continued carry on with its projects and activities by holding them in other organizations’ premises and other non-art space.
R.A.P. also co-organized projects, shows and activities with other artists collectives i.e. SICKL in the ’Crossing Over’ show by Evolutionary Girls Club. (Artists, Scholars and Activists - The Evolutionary Girls Club is an inclusive group of artists and activists who work and show work globally), the ‘Walk in Walk out’ project in Notthatbalai Art Festival, the LAMU project with Collective Art Developer etc.

Financial support :

R.A.P. is solely funded by monthly membership fees collected from R.A.P.’s members.

Networks :

Intra Asia Network (IAN)

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