Dear friends,

ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs invite you to join the we are more campaign by signing the petition before july. Indeed, this summer the European Commission will officially launch its discussions on how much will be spent on culture in the next EU budget.

ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs will present his work during a meeting about street art and social art organised by the ser’p’art compagny from the 5th to the 12th june. Kulturbunt Cultura independiente invite you to the first meeting of iberian independant cultural centers in June 3rd, 4th and 5th 2011 in Burgos (Spain).

One line...the long summary of the discussion workshop Artistic creative processes and urban renewal and short summaries of more discussion workshops : The question of the neighbourhood /Artistic experimentation in Marseille three years before being European capital of culture / The role played by local people in the artistic creative process etc.

Good reading,
The team of ARTfactories/Autre(s)PARTs

Modified on Friday 27 May 2011