Name of the responsible structure: Mochvara, club of Udruzenje za razvoj kulture (Association for Development of Culture)
Type of structure: non-for-profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project: association
Continent : Europe
Country : Croatia
Address/tel/fax : Klub Mocvara Trnjanski nasip bb (tvornica Jednistvo), Zagreb
tel : +385.1.6159.667 & +385.1.6159.668 ;
URK office : Lucko 47b, 10250 Zagreb
Mail :
Website :


URK (Association for Development of Culture) started to work in 1995, organizing numerous cultural events in the city of Zagreb and suburbs (concerts, exhibitions, performances, Ponikve festival...). In 1999, the members of the URK decided to sort out their boredom once for all by opening club Mocvara - the first multimedia center for culture in Zagreb after the closing of ESCE gallery in 1991.

During the initial six months of work, Mocvara hosted concerts of 150 bands from ten countries, fifty film screenings, about twenty theatre performances, several panel discussions, one theatrical workshop, about 50 music presentations as well as several sport events.

In short period Mocvara became a real subcultural hub and proved that its existence is indispensable.

Therefore, in 2000 the City Council gave Mocvara a new space in ex factory Jedinstvo, where it opened anew and continued is programme.

Former use : Factory "Jedinstvo"
Location: suburbs
Foundation year of the centre : 1999
Type of occupation: free-lending contract
Owner of the building : The City Council of Zagreb

Infrastructures / Facilities

Capacity: cca. 500
Size of the stage: 6 m x 4 m x 0,50 m

Social and artistic disciplines

In Mocvara one can find screenings of rare films, meaningless theatre performances and sick concerts and strange music. Sometimes we do panel discussions. Sometimes social games as well. We also screen cartoons.

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