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Name of the responsible structure: centro portugues de artes e ideias
Type of structure : association
Profile of the initiators of the project : association
Continent : Europe
Country : portugal
Address/tel/fax : Fà¡brica da pà³lvora de Barcarena,
Estr. das fontainhas
2745-615 Barcarena
tel: +351/214387460 /
fax: + 351/214387467
Mail :
Website :

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History - Yesterday and Today Founded in 1540, Fà¡brica da Pà³lvora, an old gunpowder factory, met several evolution states, finishing its activity in 1972. With an area of 44 acres, Fà¡brica da Pà³lvora is a part of the Parque de Ciências e Tecnologia of Oeiras, with a total of 360 acres. Fà¡brica da Pà³lvora includes Lugar Comum, the facilities of a university - Universidade Atlântica, a monographic museum, an urban park with cultural circuit, areas for open air shows, bars, restaurant, residential area, as well as areas destined to investigation of several companies. Lugar Comum is a anchor point for experimental projects.
The existence of supportive functions in one place to creative activities in several creation areas, using transverse perspectives, is a form of allowing contact between those art-forms.

This multi-purpose place, allowing presentations, finds its core on the different stages of each artistic project.

Lugar Comum promotes and lodges young creators from all contemporary artistic domains. The inter, multi and trans-disciplinary proposals are a priority. The use of new digital technologies is stimulated. The creation of a network gathering creators, technicians, thinkers, scientists, producers, is vital for us. The connection among national and international experimental centers is a base element to everyday work.

Former use : gunpowder factory
Surface of the site : 2000 m² within 44 acres
Location : suburbs
Foundation year : 1999
Type of occupation : free lending contract of 15 years
Owner of the building : city council of Oeiras

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-  Building 27
Includes the Auditorium/ versatile Room, the Upper Room, foyer e caneholder.

- Auditorium/ versatile Room, the Upper Room
These rooms are used for workshops, rehearsals, being designed essentially to performing arts. They are also used for seminars, conferences and acoustic shows, among other activities.

- A.R.T. Room
A studio that allows digital image and sound recording and treatment. This studio will work as régie of the rooms in the building 27 and it will be capable of audio and video editing (currently done in another room), pages of Web, among other applications. It can be used as formation room.

- Building 29
Administrative area comprises offices for Lugar Comum’s staff

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- Contemporary theatre : performances, workshops
- Contemporary dance : performances, workshops
- Music : concerts
- Visual art : exhibition, workshops
- Audiovisual : promotion

Other structures settled on the site image 240 x 157

-  university - Universidade Atlântica,
-  a museum,
-  bars,
-  restaurant,
-  residential area


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