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Name of the responsible structure: La Médiathèque des Diasporas
Type of the structure : non-for-profit association
Initiators of the project: mediator
Continent : Africa
Pays : Bénin
Adress : 04 BP 792 Cotonou - Bénin
tel : (229) 063836 / 06 12 88 51 47
e-mail : /
Site :
Contact : Camille Amouro


Médiathèque des Diasporas is a cultural centre founded in 1994 by Camille Amouro, and it was originally installed in a rice hollow in Cotonou, Benin. Nowadays, thanks to the direct intervention of the Benin head of state, it occupies two large halls situated in the shadow of the monument in the prestigious Place des Martyrs in Benin’s economic capital.
A leading characteristic of Médiathèque des Diasporas is its role as the region’s artistic information centre and as a contact point for a great many artists, producers, researchers, and journalists. It also provides a technical framework and support for the management of artists, young intellectuals, and structures seeking a professional approach.

Its weekly debates, its book and video libraries, its galleries in which one exhibition follows another, its Benin press archives, etc. have quickly turned the Médiathèque into an not-to-be-missed meeting place for artists, youths, children in difficulty, people on the fringes of society, journalists, and intellectuals either from Benin or just passing.

Former use : building below the Martyrs of Cotonou Square
Location : city
Foundation year : 1993
Type of occupation : free-lending contract
Owner of the building : Government of Benin


rehearsal room
bar - restaurant
exterior space
conference room
exhibition room / dance
resource centre
children spaces
artists residencies

Social and artistic disciplines

Street performing arts
Visual arts
Professional training
workshop- artists residencies
cultural tourism
education & arts for handicapped person
activities for children
books edition
artistic education
associations in residencie linking with the local development
literature café

Financial partners

There is no subvention, nevertheless the Médiathèque des Diasporas develop new activities each year...


Caravansérail (West Africa network)
Numerous contacts in France and in Africa.

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