Name of the responsible structure : l’Atelier Nomade
Type of the structure : non-for-profit association
Initiators of the project: artists
Continent : Africa
Country : Benin
Adress : 08 BP 213 Zogbohoué (Von du lycée Descartes) Cotonou, Benin
Tel / Fax : 00 229 38 71 18 / portable 00 229 07 96 33
e-mail : atnomade@leland.bj
Website :www.oridev.asso.org
Contact : Alougbine Dine / Gbaguidi Carole


L’Atelier Nomade, founded in 1992, is a place both for creation and for specialist training in cultural crafts, in the broadest sense of the word (training courses or workshops covering the plastic or dramatic arts, acting, technical stagecraft, cultural journalism, etc.).
L’Atelier Nomade is also a workspace which is accessible to artists and other people involved in cultural activities, and notably, a place of residence for foreign artists. Several music, dance, and theatre groups work there on an everyday basis.
The site’s own objectives are those of creation, education, encounter, and sharing. It has already run 27 acting courses in 12 countries in a total of 23 African and European towns. In addition to this, it has run two regional training courses: in Central Africa in partnership with the European Union and, in West Africa with “Afrique en Création.â€

Former use : villa
Surface of the site : 40m2
Location : city
Foundation year: 1992
Type of occupation : Lease
Owner of the building : Madame Rosalie TEYI DEDE


exhibition room : 60 m2
rehearsal studios: 60 m2
meeting room : 60 m2
multimedia space
rooms at disposal : 11 rooms
concert hall: 250 m2
venue: 250 m2
conference room : 60m2
exhibition room

Social and artistic disciplines

Theatre : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training workshop / Debates / Conferences / Spaces rental / Festivals
Visual arts
scenographic lecture

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