Name of the responsible structure :
Type of structure : Nonprofit self-owned institution
Profile of the initiators of the project : youth organisations inspired of the 68-movement
Continent :
Country :
Address/tel/fax :
Vester Alle 15
Dk-8000 Aarhus C
Tel: +45 8676 2000
Fax: +45 8676 2010
Contact : Bent Blindbaek


The cultural centre, HUSET, is located in the heart of Aarhus and residens in the same building as the former Aarhus Artmuseum, a big beautifull neo-classicist building from 1877. During the 1960s the museum was abandoned due to lack of space and in 1972 HUSET opened as a cultural institution with workshops for the citizens of the city.

The idea of utilizing the big vacant building in the middle of Aarhus came from the youth organizations, who worked for almost 7 years at realizing their dream.

Shifting political tendencies have since then left their mark on HUSET, but the purpose of the institution remains the same: providing the citizens with access to a number of workshops and thereby supporting their desire to express themselves both creatively and artistically.

In Denmark we have a long tradition for open community centers, where citizens are able to engage themselves in their personal interests either individually or together with other people.
On of the oldest - and biggest - centres is located in Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark with nearly 300.000 citizens.
Since 1972 Cultural Centre HUSET has served as a unique offer to people who wish to make their creative ideas become a reality.

It is free for everyone to use HUSET. You only pay for the material you use and in some cases for renting machines. Do-it-yourself-handymen, students, photo-enthusiasts, artists and talents who might come out tomorrow as artists, make use of the vast variety of offers and workshops at HUSET, which every year is visited by abound 100.000 people.

It makes no difference if you are a professional artist or craftsman, or someone who is on the way to making a career or an enthusiastic amateur. The assistance you receive from the staff in the workshops is based on the philosophy of our wanting to help you learn how to become self-reliant.
And our experiences staff - 20 permanent employees and 35 short term employees in various training programs - is available every day to hel you realize your ideas.

HUSET also offers workshops and courses in computers, multimedia, the latest graphic/photographic techniques, textile design, new ways of working with wood and metal and much more.

Together with artists and the cultural life of Aarhus, HUSET present a variety of cultural events. Every month HUSET gallery forms the setting of experimenting art exhibitions and twice a year theme project focus on specific topics and materials. HUSET is also a regular contributor to cultural events as Aarhus Festival Week, The Cultural Night of Aarhus etc., just like you will frequently find that we have lend out the open space in front of HUSET for cultural purposes..

Former use :
Aarhus’ first Art-museum
Total surface of the site :
1372 square-meter
Location :Center of the city
Foundation year of the centre : 1972
Type of occupation : free-lending contract
Owner of the building : The city

Infrastructures / Facilities

1370 square meters divided among three storyes and including 15 professional workshops are open to people of all ages and give them the opportunity to work with for example wood, metal, pottery, textile, glass, photo, offset printing, book on demand, music production, computers or HUSHUSET,
Multimedia at a professional level.

Social and artistic disciplines

Graphical Workshop: Computer workshop, Photocopying, Printing on Large-Format printer, Offset printer’s, book-production

Digital Workshop: Multimedia workshop, Digital and analog Photo workshop, Music Studio

Atelier: Grachips, Croquis, Pottery, Leather shop, Sewing, Dyeing, Photography, Glass

Craft Shops: Metal shop, Wood Shop, Big projects


Financial support

HUSET is financed with support from the city.


HUSET is locally involved in a lot of different networks. Nationally member of “Cultural Centres of Denmark” and international: “Trans Europe Halles”

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