Name of the responsible structure : Huashang Arts Districts
Type of structure : non for profit association
Profile of the initiators of the project : artists collective
Continent : Asia
Country : Taà¯wan
Address : 1, PA-de-road, sec. 1, 2nd floor, PO Box 84-661 Taipei Taiwan
Tel : (886) 2 – 23926180 / 2 239261 91
Fax : (886) 2 232 10 140
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Miss Tsai Mei Wen / Shin-Ming Pu, Facility management


During the summer of 1997, a small group of Taiwanese artists and theatre performers entered like squatters this former wine factory owned by the provincial government of Taiwan, the Wine and Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. The convenient location, its history and architecture attracted them to the space and its spacious interiors were ideal for installation and performance art.
In early 1998, The Monopoly Bureau, which was under the auspices of the Taiwan provincial government, rented Whashang to the provincial Department of Cultural Affairs in Nantou for the symbolic annual fee of $1 NT. The DCA, named the former wine factory “Whashang Art District†.
The group of artists who found Whashang in 1997 joined by more artists, dancers, architects, arts managers, educators, and philosophers, formed a new eligible group in late September, 1998 called the Association of Environmental Reform for Arts and Culture, Taiwan (AERACT).
The government approved AERACT’s proposal to run Whashang for one year and provided $12 million NT, under the condition that 80% of the funds go to renovation
The Art District now provides various indoor and outdoor spaces, free of charge, to be used by local arts community. , the factory serves as an arts exhibition and cultural activities center in nine of the thirty-seven buildings.
Still managed by the Association of Environmental Reform for Arts and Culture, Taiwan (AERACT) since 1999, the district receives major funding from Council for Cultural Affairs for its operation and other aids from individuals and corporate sector.
Today, Huashang Arts Districts has to face the Taiwan’s Council of Economic Development, who plans to demolish the funky, yet characteristic buildings to put up mega-corporate structures.
If the Hua Shang Arts Districts is is sponsored by many scholars and arts/culture people, however, the outcome of this year’s presidential elections may also determine the fate of Huashang.

Former use : : a wine factory
Location : city
Foundation year : 1998
Type of occupation : free
Owner of the building : Government - National Property Bureau


Rehearsal studios
Production studios
Multi-use space
Art gallery/exhibition places
Associations spaces
Training places
Library/documentation and ressource centre
Conference hall
Exterior spaces

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : creation / production / diffusion / Training workshop / spaces rental / debates / lecture

Music : creation / production / diffusion

Contemporary dance : creation / production / diffusion / training workshop

Visual art : creation / production / diffusion / training workshop / debates / lecture / conferences

Multimedia : creation / production / diffusion