The 2nd National Forum of Intermediary and Independent Spaces was held in Lyon on 12 and 13 May 2016. It followed the one in Mantes-la-Jolie on 28 and 29 January 2014, at the end of which the National Coordination of Intermediary and Independent Spaces (CNLII) was set up to organise this new edition. Bringing together about a hundred people from all over France, plenary meetings and workshops were an opportunity to discuss the reflections and actions carried out by the members of the CNLII with a view to a political topicality favourable to this type of artistic and cultural spaces.

Forum 2016 of the CNLII - summary of the meetings

In this space, you will find a summary of the meetings (plenary sessions and workshops) written by Sébastien Gazeau. Transcripts of 2 workshops whose sound recordings could not be retrieved complete this first report.

Executive Summary

- The construction of the Common(s) - Thursday, May 12: morning plenary session

- 1 - Intermediary and independent spaces in the face of the question of democracy
- 2 - What collective and cooperative practices in intermediary and independent spaces to work together?
- 3 - Between the creative process and the territory of action: the challenges of our intermediary spaces
- 4 - The artistic gesture in the intermediary spaces
- 5 - What issues are common to intermediary and independent spaces ? What specific framework for public interventions should be proposed?

- Ongoing and future regional constructions
- Intermediary spaces policies and general interest - Friday 13 May: plenary debate: "What general interest do intermediary and independent spaces represent? »
- General Assembly of the CNLII

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