Geographic Focus: US, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Russia.

Ford foundation aims at strengthening democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation and advance human achievement.

Activities :

- Asset building and community development : make durable economic improvements in the lives of the disadvantaged.

- Peace and social justice : international human rights, as well as the rights of women, migrants and refugees, and racial and ethnic minorities; increase citizen participation, improve policy-making and strengthen civil society and the philanthropic sector.

- Education, media, arts and culture : enhance educational opportunity, pluralism and diversity using interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches; strengthen the arts and media as vibrant and crucial contributors to the communities and societies in which they function.

Type of support:

- Grants

- Conferences/seminars

- Fellowships

- Publications

- Research

- Technical assistance

Public :

- Organizations

- Individuals (limited access)

Procedures :

There is no application form. A brief letter of enquiry is advised to determine eligibility. Proposals set forth objectives, methods of meeting the objectives, qualifications, budget, other support, legal and tax status. Applicants from countries outside the US should submit their applications to the nearest overseas foundation office.

Languages Accepted: English.


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Contact : Barron M. Tenny, Secretary

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