Name of the responsible structure : Espace Linga Téré
Type of the structure : non-for-profit association
Initiators of the project : artists
Continent : Africa
Country : Central African Republic
Adress : BP 1250 Bangui RCA
Tel : (236) 61 89 19
Fax : (236) 61 89 19 - 61 35 61
e-mail :
Contact : Vincent Mambachaka


Formed in the early 1990s by a Central African theatre producer, Espace Linga Téré is a private cultural structure installed in Galabadja, one of the most popular districts of the north of Bangui. Born amidst the great upheavals undergone by the Central African Republic, Espace Linga Téré is a training centre for trades related to the arts and performing arts, a place for creation and cultural dissemination that promotes numerous artists such as theatre companies, music groups, and dance troupes, who are given the use of rehearsal rooms as well as good quality sound and lighting equipment. In addition to management advice, the structure collaborates with different partners to produce a number of shows that are then reproduced on the different African and International festival circuits.

Apart from being at the service of professional artistic activity, Espace Linga Téré is also interested in the recreational and economic development of a wide public of adults and adolescents from different social strata, who have been bruised and shaken by a string of deep political, economic, and military crises.
Espace Linga Téré is also the coordinator of “Afrique Synergie†, a network of private professional structures in Central Africa.

Former use : new building
Surface of the site : 400 m2
Location : city
Foundation year : the beginning of 1990’s
Type of occupation : purchase
Owner of the building : private owner


multifunctional space
exterior space
exhibition room
associative space
resource centre

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training workshop / Debates / Conferences

Music : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training workshop / Debates / Conferences

Solidarity - Citizenship : Residencies / Creation / Production / Diffusion / Training workshop / Debates / Conferences

Financial partners

French-speaking communities agency
Cooperation French Mission
Private partners



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