Geographic focus: National and International.

Eduard Rhein Stiftung goals are to promote scientific research and learning, the arts, and culture at home and abroad through monetary awards.

Activities :

- Scientific Research

- Arts and Culture
Type of supports: awards, only for individuals persons.

- Science

- Education, in the areas of radio, television, and information technology.
Type of supports: grants or donations for non-profit corporate bodies or upon public corporations (are not to exceed the amount of 30,000 DM).

Procedures :

Awards are only to be granted once every two years.
*Application form only in german and english
*10 copies with :
-name and address of the applicant, profession and CV
-nomination of the area project
-description (40 lines) of the activities
-description (40 lines) of the project with
-publications, all information about the quality and the needs of the project
*Return Date: november 30th (for the year coming)


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