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Name of the responsible structure : Cultural Centre "Lamparna"
Type of structure: company with limited liabilities (ltd.)
Address : Rudarska 1 , HR-52220 Labin, Croatia
Tel/Fax: 385/52 855 289
Contact : dean zahtila,
ranko vucinic


Lamparna is located in an abandoned building of ex-coalmine premises. The very last stop for miners, where they used to pick up their lamps before going underground. Our goal is to preserve this important part of history and to promote it through culture and art since mining played an important role in the life of the area for many years. Mines have been the main income source and at the same time a great danger to those working there. The last mine is due to be closed in June this year.

Concert space for 1500 people, cybercafé, café and galerie are only some of the things that LAMPARNA offers to it’s visitors today. Number of Croatian popular and demo bands have played here and we are trying to keep up the tempo of at least 4 concerts per month.
Curently we are working on number of various projects including Satelite radio network - HERO, HERO in XXI-birth of L.A.E. child-god-artist in the year 2001, Underground city and Museum of Contemporary Arts in Istria.

Former use : coalmine
Location : city centre
Surface of the site : 1.100 m2
Foundation year : 1998
Type of occupation : free-lending contract
Owner of the building : town of Labin


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- 1 Rehearsal studios , 20m2

- 1 Multi-use space for 1.000 people, 700m2 ( Dance hall / Theatre hall / Conference hall / Concert space)

- 1 Bar/café , 100m2

- 2 Art gallery/exhibition places , 40m2 each

- 2 Artist residencies spaces , 30m2 each

- 3 Training places , 50m2 each

- 1 Exterior space of 2000m2

- Multimedia space 20m2

- Workshop , cca 15m2

- 1 Cybercafé , 20m2

Social and artistic disciplines

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Contemporary theatre : Production /Diffusion / Training / Workshop / festival

Music : concerts / festival

Contemporary dance : performances / Training / Workshop / festival

Visual art : production / exhibitions / training / workshops / debates / lectures / festival

Street performing art : diffusion / festival

Multimedia : Diffusion / Training / Workshop / Lecture/ festival

Cinema /Audiovisual : Diffusion / Training / Workshop / Lecture/ festival

Radio /Television : production / diffusion

Solidarity /Citizenship : community projects / debates

Literature / poetry : festival

Press : workshops / lectures

Other structures settled on the site

Cultural associations Labin Art Express & LABINARY

Financial partners

Town of Labin
Region of Istria,
Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia
European Commission (DG1A),
European Cultural Foundation,
Open Society Institute -Croatia,
KulturKontakt (Austria),
Royal Netherlands Embassy in Zagreb,
Austrian Cultural Institute in Zagreb


Balkan artistic network

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