Call for entries - Les inattendus, cinema & video festival / Lyon [France] <br> from the 24th to the 29th january 2006

Les Inattendus
5th international cinema and video festival
from the 24th to the 29th January 2006 in Lyon, France
deadline: 30th 2005
Viewing copies on VHS and DVD only

Les Inattendus non-competitive film festival exhibits economically and artistically independent film and video work.

Selection will take into account :

 the filmmaker’s commitment

 the singular and/or innovative nature of the intention and form of the film

 the economic circumstances under which the film was produced

There is no set theme and no limitations on length, genre, or format. Film and video, individual and collective works, workshop and school productions, documentaries, experimental, narrative, video-art, animation..... are all welcome.

Since the festival started in 1997, we have been showing singular, mainly non-commercial works, independent of their length, genre and format.

While our original intention has remained unchanged, the audiovisual environment has evolved considerably since 1997. Intensified networking brings together more and more filmmakers, producers and distributors that give films made outside of the TV and cinema industry a chance to exist, whether it be in providing production facilities or in organising new screening spaces.

Traditional notions of genre are being challenged; experimental and hybrid forms are being given increased visibility, especially during festivals. New venues are also being created, more and more informal and curated screenings are being organised. Filmmakers, producers and festivals are collaborating to create new non commercial networks and to bring these works to a wider audience.

We see the 2006 edition as part of a general movement uniting artists in pursuit of creative freedom and spectators who are looking for stronger cultural involvement.

At the same time, we hope to preserve something of the festival’s original energy. It will remain a meeting place for filmmakers and audiences, continuing to contribute to reflection on alternative ways of experiencing cinema.


Les Inattendus

courrier/mail : BP 1117 - 69202 LYON cedex 01 FRANCE

bureau/office : L’Elyse - 14 rue Basse Combalot - 69007 LYON FRANCE

telephone/fax : 00-33-(0)4 78 61 71 18

site/website :

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