Geographic focus: in a regional, national field and for developing countries.

Cera Foundation aims at putting a lot of effort into the welfare and the prosperity.

Activities :

- Society and Medicine : autonomy for old people, prevention and development of care health, integration of disabled persons and voluntary participation.

- Fight against poverty : fight against poverty in the country site, creation of opportunities for poor children, awareness to poverty in Belgium.

- Agriculture- horticulture- environment : innovation, youth and environment, agrarian heritage.

- Teaching- training : integration of disadvantaged people.

- Art and Culture : contemporary fine-arts, contemporary music, interaction between various artistic disciplines, social acting of art.

Type of suppport:

1- Regional support : 2311 euros per project.
2- National support : 33549 euros per project.
3- International support for developing countries : founds depending of the number of initiators of projects.

Public :

All public.

Procedures :

Application forms (on the site).
N.B : to present three weeks before the meeting of the Foundation for the regional projects (cf the calendar of regional meetings: CRR).

Remarks :

Meeting Program, « interformations » : link between cultural and social field (information and training).


Address : Philipssite 5 bte 10
3001 Leuven
Tel : +32 (0)70-69 52 42
Fax : +32 (0)16 86 31 30
Mail : lies.daenen@cera-holding.be
Site web : www.cerafoundation.be
Contact : Daenen Lies

Modified on Tuesday 3 February 2004