Name of the responsible structure : Booze Cooperativa Ltd
Type of structure : Company Ltd
Profile of the initiators of the project : Mechanical engineer and
expressionist painter started the centre together.
Continent : Europe
Country : Greece
Address/tel/fax : Kolokotroni 57 - 10560 Athens
tél : 30 210 32 40 944
fax : 30 210 32 40 944
website :
e-mail :
Contact : Nicholas Louvros, Lia Stamopoulou , Directors


Booze is a neo classic 3 floor building in Athens down town. Booze’s foyer is built around a bar that is well known for playing alternative music since 1988. Activities include dance theatre, underground performances, photo, painting, video art and other forms of artistic expressions.
Booze is a not for profit company. Its management initiates or coordinates projects. Artists can exhibit their work, and if sales initiated, Booze does not charge anything, wanting to be different to an art gallery. Carte Blanche project welcomes artists and their projects from Europe or the world that will produce their works inside Booze.

Former use of the building: commercial place
Architect of the former building : built in 1847
Several architects for the renovation : in 1922 the building was renovated and again in 1987 by the initiators of Booze
Surface of the indoor place only : 900 m2
Ownership : one of the initiators.
Type of occupation: no rent
Location : inner city
Foundation year of the centre : 1988

Infrastructures / Facilities

The Gallery

Cafe and bar
Training places
Art schools
Dance studios
Art gallery
Rehearsal studios (limited upon
space availability)
Theatre hall
Open common space for artists
All three floors and cellar
is 900 m2 - 700 persons

Social and artistic disciplines

Visual arts, exhibitions etc.
Material arts
Artist association
Children’s specific cultural activities
Artist education/training programmes etc.
Spaces available for exhibition

Financial support

No Institutional support at all
% of own income in the budget: 100%
no sponsor

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