Name of the responsible structure : BizArt
Profile of the initiators of the project : cultural event organizers and artists
Continent : Asia
Country : China
Address : bizart center
exhibition space: moganshan road 50,
building n.7, 4th floor, Shanghai
Tel/fax: 0086 21 62775358
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Davide Quadrio / Xu Zhen


BizArt is a contemporary art center devoted to support Shanghai young artists and designers, and offer opportunities to cultural exchange projects. This first contemporary Art Centre in China investigates and promotes new artistic aspects from China and abroad. Indeed, BizArt is the first private space in China where installation, new techno arts and musics are found together in along term development process.
The word "BizArt" implies both business and art, which are integrated yet independent. It tries to reach two goals: bringing business closer to art and being able to sustain the art activities without compromise.
The activities of BizArt started in 1998 and in 2000 it settles in the 300 sq.m open loft space located in a disused factory.
In early 2002, BizArt will move to a new location in a disused warehouse that has been converted into a modern multi-functional space for art events.
This new location of BizArt will make the range of activities wider and allows the organisation to start artist-in residence program, to initialize work-shops, and to finally open a bookstore with cafetaria.

Former use : a disused warehouse
Surface of the site : 600 square metres and the height from floor to celling is 7 metres + another space which is about 200 m² called "Artists studio on Suzhou Creek" in cooperation with British Council and Artists Link
Location : city
Foundation year : 1998

- Bizart :
Multi-use space of 500 m²
Offices of 100 m²

- Artists studio on Suzhou Creek :
multiuse space of 200 m²
appartment (3 rooms) for artists in residence of 150 m²

Artistic and social disciplines

Music : concerts (small forms)

Contemporary dance : Diffusion / Spaces rental / Debates / Lecture / Conferences / residencies

Visual art : production / Diffusion / Workshop / Spaces rental / Debates / Lecture / Conferences / residencies

Cinema-Audiovisual : Diffusion / Spaces rental / Debates / Lecture / Conferences

BizArt creates and organises :

- Its own arts events to bring chinese and western contemporary art together and to present these cultural events to a wider audience within and outside Asia.

- Workshops
BizArt will offered workshops to the general public, ranging from dance to music, ceramics to children.

- Artists in residence
BizArts offers to international and local artists the opportunity to reside in the BizArt space for a maximum period of 2 months to work on their artwork. By the end of the stay, the artist will set up an exhibition to present his work.In this sense, a real interaction can exist between local society and the art community.

Financial support

Through design/graphics and services. Art side mainly on sponsorships. NO money from government of public istitutions


All china and asia

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