The "Banlieues d’Europe" network has been in existence since 1992. It brings together association officials, towns, experts and researchers, cultural workers and artists, who are familiar with questions of neighbourhood artistic performances aimed at people who are usually excluded.

Art here is not intended as “soul food†, but as the driving force of an exchange, of a communal reflection, of a new artistic beginning shared with the population.

The task of a European network

Since its origin, the work of the association has been a true partnership at European level with 35 partners in 20 different countries. The network aims to make better known, and to participate in, the concrete elaboration of the European idea.

Our task is to move forward at European level a reflection shared between researchers, Council officials, artists and cultural workers on the areas of tension and of innovation, which are today more than ever to be found on the outskirts of towns.


1. Through its resource centres, the network brings artists together, considers propositions for exchanges at European level, participates in evaluation of projects and gives expert opinion on questions of cultural democracy, and remains open to various requests from associations and communities at international level.

2. Through the organisation of international meetings (Brussels in 1996, Strasbourg in 1997 and in 1998, Valencia in 1998, Lille and Roubaix in 1999, Strasbourg in 2000, Glasgow in 2000), which aim to compare projects and to evaluate work at the European level.

3. Through the publication of meeting proceedings and other reports on cultural democracy,

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