Flour-Mill - Arts and Ingeniousness City


Name of the responsible structure : "FTM - Fundà£o Turismo AM"
Type of structure : Municipal company
Profile of the initiators of the project : Cultural department of Fundà£o City Hall
Continent : Europe
Country : Portugal
Adress : Rua Conselheiro Alves Monteiro, 6230-338 Fundà£o
Tel : + 351 275 779 940
Fax : + 351 275 779 947
E-mail : gabcultural.cmfundao@gmail.com
Sites web : http://www.cm-fundao.pt/amoagem
Contacts : Miguel Vasco, Miguel Rainha


Main symbol of Fundà£o industrial history of the 20th century, Moagem was created in 1922 and closed in the 80’s years. The antique mill had different stages of evolution as a result of the necessity of physic expansion and technology progress. In 2003, the building was acquired by the Fundà£o City Hall.

Totally repaired, the Flour-Mill / Arts and Ingeniousness City, inaugurated in December 2006, is the new centre of modern art and culture. This project has two important concepts : tradition and contemporaneity, and is prepared to receive a variable of cultural events linked to music, dance, theatre, cinema, exhibitions, debates, residences and workshops.

The municipal company FTM - Fundà£oTurismo and the Cultural Department of Fundà£o City Hall have the responsibility for the administration and the cultural planning of the Moagem Centre.

- Former use : flour-mill
- Total surface of the site : 2 300 m2
- Location : city
- Foundation year of the centre : 2006
- Type of occupation : purchase
- Owner of the building : Fundà£o City Hall

Infrastructures / Facilities

- Auditorium : 150 seats, equiped with simultaneous translation cabins and a stage of 63 m2, all available conditions to present cultural activities such as music performances, theatre, dance, film, conferences and workshops.

- Production and Pedagogic Laboratory (laboratà³rio pedagà³gico e de criaçà£o) : This space corresponds to an effort of rapprochement between the cultural planning and the public itself ; with activities that valuate creativity, personal experiences and, at the same time, the imagination and communication. The attention focuses also in the principal concepts of contemporary art.

- Contemporary Art Showroom : The old store of the mill gives space to a room of 250 m2 that, with his original form, receives exhibitions of modern art, alternately between original creations and in collaboration with specialized institutions of art.

- Industrial Archaeological Nucleus : Maintaining the complex structures of the circuit for the grain process to flour, in three levels, this nucleus preserves the memory associated to the old building. Recovering the wood machinery, this is an important and unique example of archaeology in the industrial mill. Also showing, in parallel, the architecture and the economic and social evolution of the Moagem in the context of the Fundà£o City.

- Technologies Creative Laboratory (laboratà³rio de tecnologias creativas) : Centre of multimedia resources for the artistic creation, in a context of sound and image, this space gives to the public the opportunity to use professional multimedia materials, in a way that allows the creators to achieve levels of quality in this technique. This local also serves the production of audiovisual material for Moagem own purpose.

- Studio : 50 seats’ room. Permits several use of multimedia contents from artistic nature, associated with Fundà£o’s territory’s multiplicity of points of interests. This space welcomes also multimedia installations, art video, artistic residences, workshops and artistic learning / formation.

- Visitor’s Centre : In Moagem, the reception space for the visitors is also a reference point where we have and give all informations related with cultural and local tourist offers.

- Store : Implanted on the restaurant’s second level, we have the best place of regional product sale. This space was conceived in order to valuate the regional products in innovative packing and distribution. We also have municipal books’ edition and other cultural informations.

- Lounge : The panoramic bar, installed on the superior level of the building, has an audiovisual equipment that permits edition of specific projects over the urban culture, documentary, video clips, performance, djs and vjs and workshops with artists and writers.

- Restaurant : Implanted around the old chimney and the stove from the antique baker’s shop, this restaurant pretends to celebrate the bread circle as a noble aliment and tends to be the central element of a compromise between traditionnal and contemporary gastronomy.

Social and Artistic Disciplines

- Contemporary Art : exhibitions of artistic creations related with the concept of Moagem / exhibitions in collaboration with cultural institutions, such as Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon) or Serralves Foundation (Porto).

- Workshops : plastic expression / music / dance / design / sculpture / painting / theatre.

- Festivals :
> CALE - young artistic expression urban art festival
> Quadragésima - traditions’ cycle of cultural religion related to Lent
> Encontro do Vento - poetry and street art festival
> Festival da Cereja - gastronomic festival linked with the cherry fruit
> Chocalhos - festival dedicated to seasonal move to summer pastures

- Contemporary Theatre : diffusion / spaces’ occupation / conferences.

- Music : diffusion / creation / conferences.

- Contemporary Dance : diffusion / creation.

- Cinema / Audiovisual : diffusion / creation / conferences.

- Multimedia : diffusion / creation / conferences.

- Inheritance / Architecture : production / diffusion

- Media : production.

Other structures / organizations resident on the site

- Colecçà£o B : cultural association responsible of "Escrita na Paisagem", performances’ festival, and "Artes da Terra", a concept performance linked with earth and landscape.

- Academia de Musica e Dança do Fundà£o : organizer of "Concurso Internacional Juvenil de Piano", an international competition of young pianist.

- Gardunha Viva and ESTE (Estaçà£o Teatral da Beira Interior) : two associations that are responsible for the organization of "Teatro Agosto", theatre of performance

- Cinema Jovem (CRL) : organizer of the Festival "Imago", an international festival of young cinematographic directors and of electronic music.

- Quarta Parede : art performance association that organizes the Festival "Y", a festival connected with dance, theatre and other video and multimedia performances.

Financial support

- Fundà£o City Hall


- Fundaçà£o Calouste Gulbenkian (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)

- Fundaçà£o Serralves (Serralves Foundation)

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