ufaFabrik - Berlin


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Name of the responsible structure:
Internationales Kulturcentrum ufaFabrik Berlin e.V.
Type of structure:
non-profit association registered under German law
Viktoriastrasse 10 - 18
12 105 Berlin - Tempelhof
Tel. +49 (0) 30 - 755 03 116
Fax +49 (0) 30 - 755 03 117
Email: info@ufafabrik.de
Website: www.ufafabrik.de


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In the summer of 1979 more than 100 engaged people peacefully took over the desolate grounds and created a comprehensive work and living project. Today the ufaFabrik is a green cultural oasis in the middle of Berlin - a space for creation and culture, for innovative ideas, a productive surrounding for the citizens of Berlin and for artists from all over the world. The area of 16.000 square meters is divided into various areas, two podiums are open year-round for artistical productions: world music, cabaret, conferences, Varit, dance theatre, comedy, children’s circus and more. UfaFabrik gives work to 120 to 200 people, depending on the season, and hosts about 200.000 visitors per years.

Former use:
part of the UFA film production area
Surface of the site:
18.000 m2
Foundation year:
Type of occupation:
Lease, long-term contract
Owner of the area:
City of Berlin


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 Grand Theatre:
300 seated or 400 standing,
concerts, theatre, dance, children’s programme, comedy, parties

 Varit Salon:
A former cinema renovated in a traditional style of the 20th, 200 seated
Chanson, varit, cabaret numbers, special events, lectures, workshops

 Wolfgang Neuss Salon :
99 seated
stage for small productions, newcomers, young artists,

 Open air stage :
under a big top, during summer
500 seated, 700 standing
concerts, well known artists, festivals, exhibitions, children’s programme

 Several studios for music, movement, dance and martial arts

 Guesthouse : 10 rooms for artists

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 Caf Ol :
Open all days from 10.00 to open end
Romantic summer garden

 Ecological exhibition / Seminars, lectures,conferences

 Bakery and shop
(Organic whole grain bakery and health food store)

Artistic and social disciplines

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 Theatre: humorous productions, comedians, support of young companies, experiments

 Circus: "New circus", Varit, children’s circus school, festivals, support of young artists

 Music: world music: african, brazilian, asian music, Chanson, a-capella choirs

 Dance: support of young companies or dancers : hip hop, breakdance, belly dance shows, streetdance

 Visual art: exhibitions of local artists

 Multimedia: netda@s Berlin, coordination office and yearly event

 Children’s specific cultural activities: Children’s circus school and yearly Festival,
various leisure classes - sports, music, dance, acrobatics, summer-school, children’s animal farm

 Lectures: ecological, cultural, social or multi media issues

 New forms and cultural experiments: We are open to any kind of crazy idea

 Percussion school: focused on brazilian and african music

 Productions: Terra Brasilis Sambaband, and ufaCircus

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 Agency: Promoting young artists and musicians

 Artist and residence programme: coproductions with international partners

 Neighbourhood centre: leisure classes for children, adults and senior citizens,
selfhelp- and support groups, pregnancy care, child reading, health care, family education centre,
partnership with local associations

 Information office for ecological issues: informations, lectures, round tables, exhibition, conferences, festivals

Financial support:

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City of Berlin:
Senatsverwaltung fr kulturelle Angelegenheiten
Senatsverwaltung fr soziale Angelegenheiten
Bezirksamt Tempelhof-Sch?neberg

And other partners for special projects

Trans Europe Halles,
Res Artis

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