The organisation ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs is a common platform for thinking, research and action, transmission and solidarity for the development of art centres that organize their practices and experiments around the relationship between arts, territories and populations.


Trans- (latin): across, beyond, on the opposite side

IETM Montpellier
Languedoc Roussillon/France
16th-19th avril 2014

The fact that IETM has not returned to France for the passed 13 years, inevitably raises the question why. Isolation? Lack of interest? of necessity? We don’t think so - thus this invitation! Europe is going through a difficult period. Bad ideas are invading our society. The time is ripe to concentrate on this debate. After the challenge of “Tomorrow” launched in Athens, and from the other side of the European South, let’s pursue this federating movement and contribute to an alternative to the dangerous appeal of nationalism. Trans-formation, trans-border, trans-gender… How can we develop networks based on more collaboration and solidarity? How can we better support the development and international mobility of contemporary artistic and cultural tendencies? From the Spain-bordering region of Languedoc-Roussillon, and the city of Montpellier, where multiple Mediterranean influences are being felt, we invite you to tackle these issues and to discover an ambitious trans-disciplinary and trans-national artistic programme.

Wake up friches!
An exhibition will be proposed during the meeting by ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs, the Friche de Mimi, the compagnie Sîn (member of ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs) and several independent cultural spaces and projects of Languedoc-Roussillon.

Friday 18th of April - 9h30 a.m.
At La Friche de Mimi - 42 rue Adam de Craponne - Montpellier

The Meeting in Montpellier is co-organised by Réseau en scène Languedoc-Roussillon and the Languedoc-Roussillon region, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication – DRAC Languedoc Roussillon, the City of Montpellier, Onda (French Office for Performing Art Circulation), and the French Institute and with participation of Relais Culture Europe and the Montpellier Agglomeration.

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An Adventure Beyond-Art, Myths, and Everyday Life in Europe – 2013 - 2017

Meeting the Odyssey is a social and artistic collaborative project sailing from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Sea. Each summer from 2014 to 2016, artists and organizers from different European countries will travel together, giving workshops and performing theater pieces.

The project will combine elements of the Odyssey, contemporary themes relevant to Europe and stories collected through exchanges with the local population.

But Meeting the Odyssey is also a journey in itself: bringing people together through long term collaboration, and discovering new artistic landscapes and cultural attitudes to develop synergies at the European level.

This project asks: what is the common Europe behind the commitment of the European Union? Is there a common ground based on culture and daily life? How can we be reminded of our common roots? The project aims to decrease prejudices and to create a shared narrative that comes out of the stories of the people in Europe today, through the frame of the legend of Odysseus.

This project is carried by the Théâtre Viirus in Finland and a network of European cultural structures of which Réseau en scène Languedoc-Roussillon (France) is a part. At the invitation of Réseau en scène, ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs were requested to make a work of observation and evaluation of the project. Our association will coordinate a work of analysis on the various aspects of this project, in particular on the questions of borders and identity, and on its impact on the local populations. Our method of work will be inspired by the methods of research-action, which involves the research team at the heart of the project.

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Sustainable Models for Shared Culture - Case Studies and Policy Issues - February 2014

Sustainable Models for Shared Culture - Case Studies and Policy Issues - February 2014

The FCForum has recently published a report entitled "Sustainable Models for Shared Culture. Case Studies and Policy Issues" which, as suggested by its subtitle, aims at "supporting experiences, collecting challenges, sharing skills and building sustainable models for the cultural sector in the digital era".
This work has been written collaboratively by CONSERVAS/Xnet, Stichting Kennisland, World-Information Institute and the National Hellenic Research Foundation Documentation Centre (NHRF/EKT).