Vakiflar Idaresi

Geographic Focus: In northern Cyprus.

Vakiflar Idaresi aims at allocating foundation resources for public benefit and for the social, economic and cultural needs of society.

Activities :

– Education : for primary and secondary education plus cultural activities. Focus of the programme: MENA countries (Middle East and North African), and in particular the MENA countries on the Mediterranean Sea, and on the interactions between MENA and Europe.

– Historic and cultural preservation : preservation of the multicultural heritage; revitalisation of residential areas; and enhancement of the cultural image of the country; and a multicultural project aimed at the restoration of to major holy shrines.

– Economic and social development

Type of support:



Address : 11-13 Kyrenia Street
Via Mersin 10 Lefkoà¾a
Tel.: +90.392.228.3134
Fax: +90.392.228.3094
Site web : evkaf
Contact : Taner Dervià¾, Director General

Modified on Wednesday 18 February 2004