Stefan Batory Foundation

Geographic focus : Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

Stefan Batory Foundation mission is to foster civic attitudes and initiatives, increase cooperation between nations, advance educational development, and support cultural activity.

Activities :

– Child/Youth : programmes that help disabled children and youth to integrate into the community, promote equal access to education, counteract social ills and violence among youth and participation in public life.

– Education : academic scholarships in selected universities in Europe.

– Culture : to local cultural organisations and cultural institutions, about projects that are aimed at local communities and national minorities, as well as those encouraging international exchange.

– Women’s issues : counteracting all forms of discrimination against women, and promotion of the equal status of both sexes.

– Law : increasing awareness of, and promoting information on, legal issues in society and legal protection tools.

– East East Programme: cooperation among various institutions and organisations in the region.

– European Forum : civic involvement in debates concerning the EU, knowledge about the EU in Poland,

Type of support:

– Conferences/seminars

– Grants

– Information systems

– Professor/faculty development

– Public awareness campaigns

– Publications

– Scholarships

Public :


– Associations

– Institutions

Procedures :

Competition, programme and scholarship details are published in the press and in the foundation’s quarterly bulletin, and are placed on the website.

Languages accepted: polish and English.


Address : ul. Sapiezynska 10a
00215 Warsaw
Tel.: +48.22.536.0200 (09)
Fax: +48.22.536.0220
Site web :
Contact : Anna Rozicka, Executive Director

Modified on Tuesday 10 February 2004