Spaces and common(S) : how can the law support commons, when it comes to culture ?

Reflection workshop on Wednesday, November 15,2017 | 9am > 5pm
hosted by the 232U/Théâtre de Chambre in Aulnoye-Aymeries (59)

workshop open on registration before November 6,2017 at fred.ortuno(at)

In order to continue to explore the normative power of our artistic, social and urban practices for the occupation of spaces, we would like to confront them from the dual standpoint of a cultural right, the right to participate in cultural life, and a right to the city, which is emerging through the notion of urban commons. We will take advantage of our proximity with Belgium to meet our neighbours of Culture et démocratie and the links that our hosts have with the Italians of Teatro delle Ariette to exchange with them and enrich this international reflection over the long term.

Spaces and common(S) : how can the law support commons, when it comes to culture ?

This reflection workshop will be a first step in exploring international dimensions and national specificities of those experiments : an italian theater company, Il teatro Arriette, will participate, and speak there about the italian movement, and specifically about what is going on in Bologna. Belgium people from "culture & démocratie" will speak about the experiments on cultural rights, and more specifically the right to participate to cultural life, which is part of the fundamental right and has known a specific extension in belgian cultural policies and experiments. And we will speak about what we call the "intermediary spaces", which is more related to french recent history.

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