Contact Name of the responsible structure: SPRL SOUNSTATION
Type of structure : company
Continent : Europe
Country : Belgium
Address: 6 rue Pouplin 4000 liege
Tel: + 32 (0) 4 23 21 321
Fax : + 32 (0) 4 23 21 311
Mail :
Website :
Contact : Fabrice Lamproye


Former train station restructured into an hyper- active cultural space, Soundstation hosts behind its majestic frontages a performance room, a restaurant well known for its international cooking (the Sway restaurant), a café (the Mosaïca Café), multifunctional rooms and a rehearsal studio.
The pluridisciplinarity of the space and the various activities it offers, stimulates a very large public to the Soundstation: students, young managers, informed public or not, keen people for music, concert- parties amateurs.
The performance room hosts rock, reggae, contemporary musical concerts, as well as electronic parties, whereas the Mosaïca Café opens its doors to the Blues each Wednesday and to the Jazz each Thursday.
You can also enjoy our restaurant, decorated as in the 30’s.

Former use : Jonfosse train station
Total surface of the site : 1900 m2
Localization : city centre
Foundation year of the centre : 1998
Type of occupation : purchase
Owner of the building : sprl SOUNDSTATION

Infrastructures / Facilities

- rehearsal studio

- recording studio

- adjusting concert room (300 to 800 persons according to activities), used for concerts, theatre performances, parties (210 m2)

- bar (100 m2)

- restaurant (200 m2)

- offices (200 m2)

- open space: terrace for the bar and the restaurant

- conference room

- exhibition room/gallery (2 levels)

Social and artistic disciplines

Contemporary theatre : diffusion, rental spaces
Actual music : production, diffusion, rental spaces
Visual arts : diffusion

Other structures/organizations resident on the site

VERSUS PRODUCTIONS (cinematographic production)
LES ATELIERS DU PLAN 9 (architectural office)

Modified on Wednesday 28 January 2004