Slovenská humanitná rada

Geographic Focus: Slovak Republic and Central and Eastern Europe.

Slovenská humanitná rada aims at helping people in need at home and abroad.

Activities :

- Educational training

- Social services : Health services, charity, Human rights, Legislation

- Culture, art and mass media

- International solidarity/Development of the third sector

- Environment

- Sport

Type of support:

Educational/training programmes
Information systems
Technical assistance
Gifts in kind

Procedures :

Standard application form available all along the year.
Languages Accepted: Slovakian.

Restrictions: The council only supports well-defined projects of its own member organisations. Gifts in kind and technical assistance are not under any restrictions.


Address : Ruzová dolina 27
82109 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Tel.: +421.2.5341.3970
Fax: +421.2.5341.3655
Site web :
Contact : Ivan Sykora, President

Modified on Wednesday 18 February 2004