Saturday 8 May 2004, 7:30 pm : Opening Party dedicated to numeric arts in Kër Thiossane

- SANZATIONNEL (about 20 minuts) by Philippe Monvaillier.
SANZATIONNEL is performed by two sanza players (the sanza is a traditionnal musical instrument from Central Africa). An electronic interface connects the sanzas to a sampler for creating soundscapes and to a virtual videomixer for making interactive images to be displayed on a screen. The sounds played by the sanzas are samples recorded in the street in Brazzaville and the images are a compositions of pictures and movies also coming from the Congolese capital. With the help of very innovative technological tools, playing these sanzas is a way of making a very unusual portrait of an African city and its urban life.

CYBERFETISH is a living totem sculpture, an interactive chattertree to be installed on a street corner or in any public space. The sculpture itself is a stack of spare materials with, on the top, an old TV set screening the image of a living and always changing African mask. Pedestrians and visitors can question the mask, which becomes alive and answer them like an oracle, a sphinx, a fetish.

- The Fatou Cissé and Doudou & Sountou dancers performance.
This performance is proposed within the Walid Breidi ’s installation where light sensors activate sound devices linked with dancers’ movements.

- The first participants at Kër Thiossane since this week-end :
Mohammed Choukri Benhabib / Sante Sidi El Houari (Oran_Algeria)
Graham Falken / Arts and Media Access Centre (Cape Town_ South Africa)
Moukhtar Kocache / Ford Foundation (Cairo_Egypt)

Modified on Thursday 13 May 2004