Red Brick Warehouse Number 1 Space


Name of the responsible structure : Red Brick Warehouse
Type of structure :
Initiators : Yokohama Arts Foundation
Continent : Asia
Country : Japan
Adresse : Yokohama, Japan
Tel : 045(211)15 15 Fax : 045(211)1519
Mail :
Site Web :
Contact :


The Red Brick Warehouse is an exchange and interaction center, mainly dedicated to contemporary art and contemporary dance. The whole project consists in promoting emerging artits and organizing events that should involve both local and international productions in order to build an artistic network around the place.

Former use : Commercial warehouses
Location : city
Fondation year : April 2002
Type of occupation :mise à  disposition grâcieuse
Owner of a building : City of Yokohama


Art gallery/ exhibition hall

Artistic and social Disciplines

Contemporary art, contemporary dance, photography : Performances / Exhibitions / Conferences / Festivals

Financial support

City of Yokohama
(Red Brick Support Society)

Modified on Thursday 5 January 2006