P60 - Amstelveen


Name of the responsible structure:
Foundation Poppodium Amstelveen P60
Type of structure:
non for profit foundation
Profile of the initiators of the project:
The foundation has a board. 14 people (10 full time) get paid in the center. The centre is depending on more than 70 volunteers who are working behind the four bars, the ticketsale, the coinssale, light and sounddepartment, backstage, promotion and media
Continent :
Country :
The Netherlands
Address/tel/fax :
P.O. Box 111 - 1180 AC Amstelveen - The Netherlands
Stadsplein 100a - 1181 ZM Amstelveen - The Netherland
Telephone: + 31 (0) 20 3453445 Fax: + 31 (0) 20 3453446
Mail : gerard@p60.nl
Website : www.p60.nl
Contact :
Gerard Lohuis / gerard@p60.nl (director)
Mees van ’t Hull / mees@p60.nl (media)


Amstelveen is a city (nearly 80.000 inhabitants) connected to Amsterdam and ten minutes by bus from Amsterdam-airport Schiphol. Besides a theatre there was nothing for youngsters. Since 1990 (when the city council decided to build a new center) there has been a fight from youngsters and youth workers to get their own stage. In 1998 they got the support from a city alderman which worked out in a new stage which was opened on November 1th 2001. P60 comes from the formerly name of the citysquare which was called Plein 1960.
Till P60 that square was the hangout place for the youth.
Now P60 is a place for popconcerts, dance-events, jazz, comety, poetry, singer-songwriters, visual arts, exhibitions and media activities (www.globalstage.tv)

Plans of the building:
The building is brand new. Only a dock-shelter, a new elevator and two new offices are planned before 2007.
Former use :
No former use, it is a new building
Total surface of the site :
1439 m2
Architect of the rehabilitation :
Pieter van Rooij (Benthem & Crouwel architects)
Construction costs of the building :
Building: 2.050.000 Euro, Equipment: 363.000 Euro
Location :City-Centre

Foundation year of the centre :
Foundation: 2000 Construction: 2000-2001 Opening: 01-11-2001

Type of occupation : Rent contract with city of Amstelveen

Owner of the building :
City of Amstelveen

Infrastructures / Facilities:

 Ground floor: dinner- and internetcaf: 12 x 15 meter
 Ground floor: kitchen: 5,5 x 2,5 meter
 First floor: Lounge: 13 x 9 meter
 First floor: 2 stagerooms (each 5,5 x 4 meter)
 First floor: Office (9 x 5 meter + 6 x 2,5 meter)
 First floor: Cloackroom: 11,5 x 2 meter
 Second floor: Stage: 6 x 11 meter
 Second floor: Concerthall: 16 x 12 meter
 Third floor: Balcony: 8 x 4 meter (2x) + 4 x 4 meter
 Professional light- and soundequipment (Crest- and Midas table/PA: Martin Audio)


 Ground floor: 100
 First floor: 100
 Second floor: 550 Balcony: 100

Social and artistic disciplines:

 giving opportunity to youngsters to take part in cultural- educational and international activities and exchanges

 support of initiatives from youngsters to participate and integrate with the aim: growing self-confidence and acceptation from the various youth sub-cultures

 giving space to youngsters for expressing their talents, thoughts, emotions, ideas, analyses and actions

 activities: stand-up comedy, concerts, dance-events, poetry-slam, theatre, jazz, media-projects

International projects:

 virtual venue (www.globalstage.tv)

 participation in EU-programm ’Youth’

Expected visitors per year: 40.000

Structure/organisation of the site

Foundation Poppodium Amstelveen (P60) has six departments:

 General management

 Programming and Production

 Communication (Public relations and Marketing)

 Media and Education

 Facilities and Maintenance


Financial support

Annual budget: 1.000.000 Euro

Public funding: 325.000 Euro Own income: 675.000 Euro (bar, entrance)


P60 is member from:

 Foundation of Dutch pop venues (VNP) since 2000
 Foundation of Venue technic (VPT) since 2003
 Trans Europe Halles since 2003

Modified on Wednesday 3 March 2004