Nadácia pre Deti Slovenska

Geographic Focus: Slovak Republic.

Nadácia pre Deti Slovenska aims at contributing to the positive development of children and youth people, especially in regards to their characters and skills, by providing the basic necessary support and services.

Activities :

- Children’s hour : integration into the real life (participation in all areas, partnership with everybody, development of their skills…), development of a healthy and menace less environment.

- Get to know your money : develop their life skills in managing their finances and teach them how to orientate themselves in the world of finance and to use information technologies.

- Developing the methodology of working with children : strengthen the professional skills of youth-oriented organisations.

- Per Aspera Ad Astra : help socially disadvantaged students from Eastern Slovakia who want to study at Universities in Slovakia or abroad.

Type of support:

Staff development
Technical assistance

Procedures : Discuss the basis of project with the foundations programme manager and then send application form to the programme department.

Languages Accepted: Slovak.

Restrictions: Only supports organisations working with children and young people in Slovakia.


Address : Heydukova 3
81108 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Tel.: +421.
Fax: +421.
Site web :
Contact : Lucia Stasselová, Executive Director

Modified on Thursday 12 February 2004