Mesame Sektoris Fondi Horizonti (Horizonti, the Foundation for the Third Sector)

Geographic focus: Georgia and Caucasus.

The Foundation wants to support the development of a civil society in Georgia by assisting the development of the third sector.

Activities :

– Social policy : to promote credibility by building on previous achievements within the country, to introduce new tools to promote good social policy with Georgian and other appropriate policy-makers, and to increase visibility and public participation.
Type of supports: grants.

– Citizen Activation, Community Development, and Constituency Building Programme : to make the needs of the constituency better heard, in Tbilisi and in Georgia’s regions.
Type of supports: grants, research, training and publishing activities.

– Cross-Sectoral Partnership Program : to support the openness of the third sector.
Type of support: grants, research, training and publishing activities.

– Constituency Awareness Raising Program : to raise awareness of the society on democratic values, third sector and civil society in Georgia.
Type of support: publications (magazine, bulletin) and video studio activities.

-Institutional Development Programme : to support the institutional development of Georgian NGOs.
Type of supports: training, consulting, grants, research and publishing activities.

Public :

– Georgien NGOs.

– No individual projects.

– No projects dealing with building or religious issues.


Address : 6th floor
2 Dolidze St
380015 Tbilisi
Tel.: +995.3233.4287
Fax: +995.3298.7504
Site web :

Modified on Wednesday 18 February 2004