Name of the responsible structure :
majaz - magazzino culturale
Type of structure:
SAS (societ in accomandita semplice)
Profile of the initiators of the project:
Emma Scialfa - choreografer and
Tommaso Marletta - music composer from
MotoMimetico - (theatre and dance company)
Continent :
Country :
Address/tel/fax :
via Ursino, 6 - 95131 Catania -
tel. +39 095 7470110 - fax. +39 095 7477052
Mail :
Website :
Contact :
Emma Scialfa,
Tommaso Marletta


majaz is a process engaged by a dream, another attempt to give the culture a human space and to give the work of a multidisciplinary staff a reason to be and to bring forward activities and ideas. To offer to the artists an open space to work up their projects, where develop a creation in its entirety in all the adequate conditions.

Former use :
citrus fruits warehouse
Total surface of the site :
300 m²
Location :
Foundation year of the centre : 2003
Type of occupation:
Owner of the building :

Infrastructures / Facilities:

 workshop space - 18m x 8m x 7.5m (h)
 small apartment for residencies - 4 persons
 two mutlifunctional rooms - 4m x 4m and 8m x 5.5m
 dressing room - 10m x 6m
 warehouse - 9m x 5.5m
 small bar
 Offices - two rooms - 5m x 4m and 4m x 4m

Social and artistic disciplines:

 contemporary dance
 visual arts
 kids workshops
 training courses

Majaz collaborates with:

 Fondazione Fitzcarraldo di Torino
 Universit CA’ Foscari di Venezia
 Facolt di Lettere e Filosofia di Catania
 Provincia Regionale di Catania
 Accademia delle Belle Arti di Catania
 LIACOS - Libera Associazione Coreografii Siciliani
 FATTIDARTE young artists group from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Catania
 Compagnia di teatro danza Carambole di Zurigo
 l’Officina Ouragan di Palermo
 la Compagnia Teatrale Statale 114 di Catania
 IXKIZIT - Compagnie Joel Borges
 Don’t Ask The Blond - Project
 Project DCM- Dans, Cultura, Management, Fondazione culturale
 Compagnia Teatro Agricolo
 Associazione Culturale Neo Tango
 Compagnia Argomm Teatro di Milano
 Compagnia Puntozero
 Centro Pilates
 Libreria Tempolibro
 Associazione Culturale Gabriel Marcel
 ORFF Schelwerk italiano,
 Associazione Acquaterra.
 Mains D’oeuvres / Paris
 Micadanses / Paris
 Scwelle Sieben / Berlin
 CRT Venezia,
 ArteMovimento Torino
 Oplas Teatro Perugia
 IALS Roma
 Trans Europe Halles.
 Associazione culturale Arsmovendi, Roma
 Associazione culturale Qualib , Bari
 GRIM - groupe de recherche et improvisation musicales, Montevideo

Financial support:

 City of Catania
 Province of Catania
 Region of Sicily.

Modified on Thursday 17 April 2008