Kulturfabrik - Esch sur Alzette


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Name of the responsible structure : Kulturfabrik asbl
Type of structure : non for profit association ( 1901 law)
Profile of the initiators of the project : Theater GMBH
Continent : Europe
Country : Luxemburg
Adresse : 116, rue de Luxembourg
4221 Esch-sur-Alzette
Postal Adress :
BP 370
4004 Esch-sur-Alzette
tel : (00352) 55 44 93 -1
fax: (00352) 55 04 03
E-mail : mail@kulturfabrik.lu
Contact : Ren Penning, music programmer or serge Basso de March, director


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The Kulturfabrik is an independent regional centre, organizing multidisciplinary activities. The centre wants to focus on creations and art productions which are modern and contemporary. The aims of the Kulturfabrik are to contribute to the cultural and artistic development of the region, to get young people involved in artistic creation and to favour the respect, the understanding and the acceptance of the Other, the Different, the Strange(r).

Former use : slaughterhouse
Architect of the renovated building: Bauer Christian/ Clemes Jim
Total surface: 4200 m2
Indoor surface : approx. 3500m2
Place property : City of Esch/Alzette
Occupation type: free lending negotiation
Location : city
Foundation year : 1981


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  Bar/Restaurant 292 m2 150 persons
  Cinema 123 m2 80 persons
  Offices for other associations 2
  Training places /workshop places 10
  Art gallery 250 m2
  Rehearsal studios 6 under construction
  Theatre hall (also for concerts) 197 m2 300 persons
  Concert hall (also for theatre) 410 m2 1000 persons
  Artist residencies spaces 2

Social and artistic disciplines

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  Music (pop and contemporary): concerts and residences
  world music : concerts and residences
  theatre : performances, workshops, residences
  visual art exhibitions
 cinema : screenings of art and essay movies, documentaries, debates
 caf and litterature

Financial support

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Ministry of Culture/ City of Esch/Alzette: 55 % of income in the budget

% of own income : 45 %

Sponsors : very limited sponsorships on specific projects

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