International meeting: from the territory in crisis to the territory of art

ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs and VIESà€VIES invite you for two days of meetings, within visual arts, literature, theater or cinema, who are lived strong experiences.
We’ll study at the same time French experiences and we’ll invite Argentinian artists who were exploring innovative field of the relationship between publics, art and society.

Participants :
Claude Lévêque- Visual artist
Sylvain Rossignol - Writer
Nieke Swennen - Choreographer
Latin American Network of Art for Social Transformation And more...

The meetings are organized by VIESà€VIES, with the support of ARTfactories/Autre(s) pARTs, Artois University, Nord Pas-de-Calais Regional Council an

Modified on Tuesday 30 November 2010