The Felix Meritis and the Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University will be presenting the following courses:

International Production Management for Theatre and Special Events
24 - 27 August, 2003

The success of any performing arts programme or activity can only be ensured by the quality of its production management. With the growing tendency towards internationalisation and the necessity for widening the market, traditional production management skills need to be broadened to include skills for working outside national borders. The task of production becomes more complicated as contracts, logistical arrangements, communication, organisational structuring, and additional areas change to accommodate the task of accepting foreign partners, artists and performance groups.

Learning about worldwide activities can also help a management team make decisions on economic and artistic options. This course will discuss all of these topics. Speakers will include Hugo de Greef, Gerrit Reus, JG Baggerman, Michiel Buchel, and Marc van Warmendam.

Course leader: Steve Austen, Permanent Fellow, Felix Meritis

For a complete programme and further information, you can contact Alana Henry at or alternatively the Office Manager at the Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University, tel. + 31 20 620 0225,

The deadline for application is 27 July.

Innovative Strategies in International Cultural Cooperation
28 - 31 August, 2003

This course is designed for cultural operators, civil servants, artists, and foundation staff members. We will examine models, preconditions and parameters for developing productive forms of international cooperation in a bilateral and multilateral frame, taking into account the roles of public authorities, private foundations, and commercial sponsors. We will survey common trends in international cooperation as well as the subjects of policy, funding, entrepreneurship, and networking, taking advantage of the experience of professionals in the field. Participants will leave with insights that can be applied directly to their own situations.

Course leaders: Steve Austen, Permanent Fellow, Felix Meritis Dragan Klaic, President, European Forum for the Arts and Heritage

For a complete programme and further information, same contacts as above.

The deadline for application is 4 August.

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