Fundacja Bankowa im. Leopolda Kronenberga

Geographic focus : Poland.

Fundacja Bankowa im. Leopolda Kronenberga is working on to support initiatives for the public good.

Activities :

- Education : reform and improvement

- Economy

- Arts and Culture: cultural heritage preservation, promotion of young artists

- Health : quality improvement

- Social policy

Type of support:

- Awards/prizes

- Grants

- Conferences/seminars

- Technical assistance

- Fellowships (primarily undergraduate)

- Publications

- Research


- Associations

- Foundations

Procedures :

National-scale applications should be submitted directly to the foundation’s office. Two months should be allowed for applications to be processed.
Local development project applications should be submitted to local branches of Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. Seven weeks should be allowed these applications to be processed.

Deadlines: March 1st, July 1st, and November 1st.

Languages accepted : polish.


Address : ul Traugutta 7/9
00950 Warsaw
Tel.: +48.22.826.8324
Fax: +48.22.692.5094
Site web :
Contact : Krzysztof Kaczmar, Executive Director

Modified on Tuesday 10 February 2004