Fundación Santa María

Geographic Focus: Spain and South America.

Fundacin Santa Mara aims at extending access to education and culture to social groups that are most denied access; to integrate the social classes to provide equal levels of education; and to promote the development of pedagogic sciences, teaching methods and teaching specialisations.

Activities :

 Educational programmes : Training of teachers, support to educational centres.
Type of support: grants, competitions, prizes.

 Social programmes : information dissemination to improve understanding of disadvantaged groups, and to promote tolerance and the rejection of racism and the xenophobia.

 Special programmes : to bring culture and education to social groups most in need and integrate marginal groups into social and cultural life (training for volunteers working in prisons, promotion of women’s rights, occupational workshops and material support such as libraries and house construction to rehabilitate drug addicts).

Type of support


Procedures :

Only people who work or study in Spain are eligible for grants.
Languages Accepted: Spanish.


Address : General Moscard 3, 2°
28020 Madrid
Tel.: +34.91.535.9600
Fax: +34.91.535.9601
Site web :
Contact : Jos Joaquin Cerezo, Director

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