Fondazione Romaeuropa Arte e Cultura

Geographic focus: Europe.

Fondazione Romaeuropa Arte e Cultura promotes collaboration between European countries in the field of culture.

Activities :

– Romaeuropa Festival : contemporary arts (dance, music, musical theatre and multimedia theatre), in various European academies, several theatres in Rome and many other prestigious European organisations, such as the Festival of Avignon.

– Romaeuropa Dance Promotion : diffusion and valorisation of a contemporary choreography on a national and international scale (encounters, exchanges and documentation).

’Platform of Italian Dance’: in Italian and foreign cities.
Professional Italo-French Days: cultural exchange in theatre and dance in the two countries (annually).
Latina: an annual exhibition of the best Italian dance companies in South America.

– Romaeuropa Training : education and training of new professionals in the performing arts (recreational training initiatives in art and culture), and solutions in the field of management of cultural events.

– Romaeuropa Cinema : sponsors Europacinema and television, including participation in film festivals.

Type of support:

Funder-operated programmes
Programme development

Public :
No restriction

Address : Via XX Settembre 3
00187 Rome
Tel.: +39.06.4890.4024
Fax: +39.06.4890.4030
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