Fondazione Europa Occupazione - Impresa e Solidarietà

Geographic focus : Italy and Europe.

Fondazione Europa Occupazione - Impresa e Solidarietà  mission consists to sponsor entrepreneurial initiatives supporting the values of solidarity (concerning the third sector, the Italian Government and the EU).

Activities :

– Society : *entrepreneurial initiatives, proposals and projects having an innovative and strategic character.
*building an innovative welfare system (social entrepreneurship, participation and responsibility of individual citizens).
*creating transnational institutional relations for the promotion and coordination of employment policies centred on the non-profit sector, paying particular attention to both the Italian and European contexts.

Type of support:

– Grants

– Conferences/seminars

– Programme development

– Publications

– Research

Procedures :

Languages accepted : italian.

Restrictions: The foundation currently only makes grants in Italy, but cooperates internationally within Europe.


Address : Via Nazionale, 39
00184 Rome
Tel.: +39.06.476.7836
Fax: +39.06.474.1117
Site web :
Contact : Alberto Manelli, Counsellor

Modified on Friday 6 February 2004