Fondazione Centro Studi Investimenti Sociali

Geographic focus : Italy, Mediterranean region and Europe.

Fondazione Centro Studi Investimenti Sociali - Censis mission is to investigate the basic themes of civil society and to place attention on the processes of management and policy-making; the involvement of actors; the action of institutional powers; and the culture of government.

Activities :

- Education: both scholastic and university, and training evaluation

- Health and welfare

- Local development and economic processes

- Cultural policies and models : involvement, with special focus on children and immigration

- Minorities activities : integration, rehabilitation, prevention of organised crime.

N.B: Censis primarily operates its own research projects, although it subsidises cultural projects, higher education, post-graduate programmes, and research into social issues.

Type of support:

- Conferences/seminars

- Publications

- Research


Address : Piazza di Novella, 2
00199 Rome
Tel.: +39.6.860.911
Fax: +39.6.862.11367
Site web :
Contact : Carla Collicelli, Deputy Director

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