Discussion workshops : Neighbourhood / Voisinage

Every year, ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs organises internal discussion workshops on topics related to issues proposed by host organisations.
These workshops are an occasion for committed encounters and for comparing and contrasting experience and views, on the basis of concrete examples of artistic and social experiments, to stimulate and promote thinking, analysis and actions proposed by the various teams involved in ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs. These workshops are a response to the teams’ need to address issues as diverse as urban development or socio-economic or environmental questions concerning project-spaces and their development. A summary is then made public to stimulate thinking, analysis and discussion.

Discussion workshops’ summaries of Trans Europe Halles’s meeting 72 are now online. The theme of the meeting was Neighbourhood/Voisinage :

Trans sector project
Crossborder exchange
Neighbourhood projects
Collaborative events & processes

TEH‚Ä© Meeting‚Ä© 72‚Ä© took place in October 2011 at TNT Manufacture de chaussures in Bordeaux - France. The ‚Ä©idea‚Ä© behind‚Ä© the‚Ä© theme‚Ä© and‚Ä© also ‚Ä©the‚Ä© main‚Ä© focus‚Ä© of‚Ä© the ‚Ä©meeting ‚Ä©was‚Ä© to‚Ä© highlight‚Ä© the‚Ä© interconnectedness‚Ä© of‚Ä© what‚Ä© is‚Ä© on‚Ä© the‚Ä© one‚Ä© side‚Ä© public‚Ä© and‚Ä© on ‚Ä©the‚Ä© other‚Ä© side‚Ä© private;‚Ä© what‚Ä© is‚Ä© ‚Äėours’‚Ä© and‚Ä© ‚Äėtheirs’;‚Ä© ‚Äėmine’‚Ä© and‚Ä© ‚Äėyours’.‚Ä© In‚Ä© the‚Ä© spirit‚Ä© of‚Ä© the‚Ä© theme,‚Ä© TEH‚Ä© Meeting‚Ä© 72‚Ä© served‚Ä© as‚Ä© a‚Ä© platform‚Ä© for‚Ä© neighbourly‚Ä© exchange‚Ä© on‚Ä© many‚Ä© different‚Ä© levels.

More summaries of the workshops

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