Cultural factories from yesterday to today : between artfactories and shared artistic approaches

The revitalizing of abandoned industrial or commercial buildings transformed into spaces dedicated to artistic and cultural projects has recently become a stake in local development. Those spaces can be located rather far from where the cultural factories were first experimented, that is to say in Europe by the end of 1970s. As the heirs of the forms of social and political contest of the time, they have long wanted to exemplify the circulation between artistic processes and other aspects of social life. Today’s artistic teams that manage such places do not yet all claim to have their roots in that historical process. They are more clearly confronted with an increasing tension between, on the one hand, their will to be or remain places where experiments are made and artistic works shown within sectors that have become strongly professionalized, and on the other hand the desire they have, which can greatly vary, to take into account the search for identity and culture of the people living in the area where they are established.

Modified on Monday 11 January 2016