Chaap - Vadodara

CHHAAP - Foundation for printmaking trust (a tribute to Robert Blackburn’s legendary studio - Print making Workshop) was established on a cooperative basis in 1999 with a mission to create and promote wider appreciation of original prints and print making techniques.

Identification Operation Process Organisation
  • Place name Name of the space, project, processChhaap - Foundation for Printmaking trust
  • CountryIndia
  • Regional Emsemble Regional groupings, Greater Union ...Gujarat
  • City / TownVadodara / Baroda
  • Adress28, Nand Residency - Old Padra Road
  • Postcode390 020
  • Telephone+91 265 3257220
  • General
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  • Person(s) in charge Thank you to tell us : Name(s) / Forename(s) / Position(s)Kavita Shah, Vijay Bagodi
Date of creation: 1 June 2011
Last update: 1 June 2011
  • Name of the legal structureChhaap - Foundation for Printmaking trust
  • Legal statute Type Structure (ONG, compagny, association, SCOP type SARL ou SA, SARL…)Non-profit organization
  • Creation date of the legal structure Thank you to specify a specific date01/2010
  • Current ownerKavita Shah
  • Nature of the current property Private or Public - lucrative or not.Non-lucrative
  • Genesis - History - Identity dates & key momentsCHHAAP - Foundation for printmaking trust (a tribute to Robert Blackburn's legendary studio - Print making Workshop) promoted by three Baroda based printmakers and artists - Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, Vijay Bagodi and Kavita Shah has a mission to create and promote wider appreciation of original prints and print making techniques.
  • work - artistic , cultural and social practices - Disciplines principal activity - major artistic Disciplines - Principal PracticesChhaap offers opportunities to artists and printmakers to work in different printmaking media and is frequented by many senior and international artists, art students and printmaking enthusiastic.
  • cultural Action (s) of territory - Co-production (s) with populations Action Name + date + quick statement. Please, fill the specific form "action" for futher development.Chhaap has organized several exhibitions in Baroda and in other cities in India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai...) as well as abroad (UK, USA...).
  • short & medium duration Residence(s) Thank you give us details of the residences.ELIGIBILITY:
    Print makers from any where can apply who would like to spend quiet time to concentrate on their work and also willing to share their knowledge and experience with local artists can apply 6 months prior to their visit.

    - Etching Press, Bed Size: 24 x 36 inches
    - Heater, Size: 24 x 36 inches
    - Aquabox, Size: 24 x 24 inches
    - Rollers
    - Large working tables
    - Small Library, Archive of Contemporary Indian Print.

    One public lecture.
    Interaction with local art college.
    The residency ends with an open studio or exhibition.

    Residency season: Round the year.
    Average length of residency: 1-3 months.
    Maximum number of artists at one time:2

    - Individual bedroom with bath, common kitchen facilities.
    - Food: Vegetarian food can be arranged or you can cook your own food. Local restaurants are conveniently located near by.

    Housing and Studio:
    400 USD per one month, payable in Indian rupees. Need to confirm payment prior to 3 months from date of occupying the studio.
    Charges are subject to change, please verify current charges with us.
    Other expenses to be borne by the artists.