Call for proposals/MadCat Women's International Film Festival/San Francisco, USA

MadCat is committed to showcasing women directors who challenge the use of sound and image and explore notions of visual story telling. MadCat sets itself apart from other women’s festivals by curating its programs thematically and thus accepting a range of films about many different issues.

MadCat accepts films and video of all lengths and genres: experimental, narrative, documentary, animation, collage and whatever else you can think of. MadCat also accepts pieces produced in any year. Our only parameter is that the films and videos are directed by or co-directed by women.

VHS 1/2" NTSC or PAL; DVD formats.

35mm, 16mm, Super8, BetaSP, DVD, Mini DV, 3/4", SVHS, VHS.

$10-30 per entry, sliding scale. Please pay what you can afford. Please make checks payable to MadCat Film Festival. Please send a separate fee per entry. International entrants may disregard the entry fee.

If you are sending in multiple submissions please include a separate form and submission fee per submission. While MadCat prefers separate tapes per entry we do accept compilation tapes. Be sure to mark compilation tapes clearly. Please fill out the MadCat Submission Form clearly. If our online submission forms do not work on your computer feel free to recreate these forms on your computer or contact MadCat and we can send you an entry form directly.

Please label tapes with title of film/video, entrants name, address, phone and email address. If you are sending a compilation tape please be sure to note the order of the pieces on the tape. Cue tapes please.

Deadlines for applications: 24/03/05 (early bird), 15/05/05 (late bird)
639 Steiner Street
CA 94117 San Francisco
tel: (415) 436-9523
fax: (415) 934-0642

Modified on Friday 24 February 2006