Bratislava Community Foundation

Geographic Focus: Bratislava.

Bratislava Community Foundation aims at developing different forms of philanthropy and good relations among the inhabitants of Bratislava, through supporting the promotion of positive attitudes towards their city, and sharing responsibility for the quality of life in Bratislava.

Activities :

– Art

– Youth

– Education

– Programme for people living in blocks of flats

– People in need

– Programme for the renewal of the atmosphere of old Bratislava

Type of support:

Grants to individuals
Technical assistance

Procedures :

Applicants are requested to fill out an application form, obtainable from the foundation. Applications must be submitted by deadlines given by the foundation, which occur once or twice a year.

Languages Accepted: Slovakian.


Address : Suché Mà½to 19
81103 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Tel.: +421.2.5441.9995
Fax: +421.2.5441.9995
Site web :
Contact : Lubos Tvrdon, Executive Director

Modified on Thursday 12 February 2004