BankART 1929


Name of the responsible structure : BankART 1929
Type of structure :
Initiators profile: BankART
Continent : Asia
Country : Japan
Address : Yokohama, Japan
TEL : 045-663-2812 FAX : 045-663-2813
Mail : info@bankart1929
Website :


The BankART 1929 is an experiment of utilizing historic buildings for the purpose of art and culture. The intention is to create a place for artistic and cultural incubation and to accept a wide range of ideas from not only local citizens and specialists, but also overseas people. Their goals are to find the cultural potentials born in Yokohama, including the world renowned Butoh, photography, food culture etc...

Former use : ex-Daiichi Bank Building
Location : city
Foundation year : March 2004
Type of occupation :
Owner of the building:


Art gallery/exhibition places<br
Multi-purposed space

Social and artistic disciplines

Arts : Creation / Workshops / Lectures / Exhibitions / Publishing / Sponsorship and Coordination

Solidarity-Citizenship : Teaching of basic knowledge and skills for local people of the Edo area

Financial support

The city of Yokohama

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