Bamboo Curtain Studio -New Taipei City

Identification Operation Process Organisation
  • Place name Name of the space, project, processBamboo Curtain Studio
  • ContinentAsia
  • CountryTaiwan
  • Region administrative regionsNew Taipei City
  • City / TownDanshiu District
  • Adress39,Lane88, Sec.2, Zhongzheng E.Rd.,
  • Postcode251
  • Telephone886 2 8809 3809
  • Fax886 2 8809 3786
  • General
  • Web
  • Person(s) in charge Thank you to tell us : Name(s) / Forename(s) / Position(s)Margaret Shiu/ Founder of Bamboo Curtain Studio
Date of creation: 24 May 2012
Last update: 29 May 2012
  • Legal statute Type Structure (ONG, compagny, association, SCOP type SARL ou SA, SARL…)Non Profit Organization(NPO)
  • Creation date of the legal structure Thank you to specify a specific date2011
  • Current ownerMargaret Shiu
  • Nature of the current property Private or Public - lucrative or not.Private
  • Terms of occupation squat, loan, lease, purchase…Rent
  • Team - Organization Name (s) + Surname (s) + Position (s) - According to the usual presentation in your structure (artistic, administrative, communication, technical…)Project management
    Marketing management
  • Method of organization - Governance Who and how is taken the structural decisions, which are the devices of coordination and group decision?Margaret Shiu
  • Statement of the current project To state in some lines the current top priority, the identity and the singularity of the project. Artist in Residency( AIR) programme
  • work - artistic , cultural and social practices - Disciplines principal activity - major artistic Disciplines - Principal PracticesVisual arts : installations / mix media/ sculpture / painting / ceramic
    Performing Arts:
  • short & medium duration Residence(s) Thank you give us details of the residences.The Bamboo Curtain Studio (BCS) in Taiwan aims to promote cross-cultural exchanges by providing a meeting point for creative talents from national and international art related fields, for short stay or specific projects.

    We especially welcome applicants working with:
    •cross discipline arts,
    •ecology and environment,
    •community engagement projects
  • affinity network(s) Name + Description + Quick contact (mail + links).Res Artis
    Arts Network Asia
  • Spatial current organisation Description of infrastructure, available space (size, usage, etc.) The BCS is a reused farm complex of 2,645 sq meter / 28,467 sq ft with five artists-in-residency rooms and studios; space for exhibition, multi functional performance; exchange center; ceramics & sculpture studio; community kitchen, and outdoor stage, plaza and gardens.
  • Former useFarm
  • location Thank you give us the middle location of the placeOur studio is situated along the bicycle path of the Tamsui riverbank. It is 10-minutes walking distance to the MRT ZhuWei Station, and about 30 minutes commute to downtown Taipei.