Annual European Forum: “Programme Interculture. Enabling and Nourishing Dialogue.”

24-25 May 2011, Brussels
The intercultural transformation of our societies is a complex programme. The Platform for Intercultural Europe promotes it as a network and through EU advocacy. This forum presents different tools for its work and invites discussion. Members of the Platform for Intercultural Europe will present their intercultural projects. All participants will explore their intercultural competence in a conference game.

Annual European Forum: “Programme Interculture. Enabling and Nourishing Dialogue.”

Some programme headlines:
* Changing Mindsets, Practices & Institutions
* Informing, Building Collective Intelligence & Developing Actions
* Advancing Intergovernmental Cooperation On The Intercultural Opening Of Cultural Institutions
See the complete programme on the website!

ThisForum, which is open to all, will be followed by our General Assembly of Members (non-members interested in membership can attend it as guests).
The European Commission will kindly sponsor our annual meeting once more with the use of their premises and catering on the second day, some travel subsidies for our members and the registration management.

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The password you will need to use is: INTERCULTURAL
Please confirm your participation by completing the on-line form under the heading “Registration” by 13 May 2011.

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